NYC-based electronic quartet Monotronic is proud to announce their new single “Cyborg Love” from their forthcoming self-titled album, due out September 27, 2019. Inspired by the 2013 film Her this song tells the story of a human-like A.I. that learns to feel human emotion. The song’s lyrics are loaded with double meanings that colorfully evoke the process of a Cyborg struggling to come to terms with the feelings of romantic love: “if I had a heart to find could I process these feelings.” The song’s overarching concept evokes the famous Michelangelo painting “Creation of Adam,” whereby God gives life to Adam. In this futuristic context, however, the human creators of the A.I. are playing God, giving life to the Cyborg: “the space between your heart and mine when I touch your finger.” The song ends with a sense of longing for love (“all this waiting, code translating, calculating….”), which is eerily human, but still open to interpretation, leaving the listener wondering whether or not the A.I. has indeed come to life and become human.

Monotronic is a collection of NYC-based musicians that blend an array of genres and styles together to create a unique dance/electronic sound of their own. All top rate musicians, the various members of Monotronic have recorded and performed with artists such as Robert Randolph, The Spin Doctors, Joe Jackson, Meatloaf, Elliott Moss, to name a few. They are encouraged to showcase their individual talents throughout the journey of every song, which will vary from night to night during their electrifying live sets.