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Monotronic has recently released their new single “Cyborg Love” as a tease for their new, self-titled album due out on September 27th of this year. Although this group of New York-based artists have been creating their signature sound under the name Monotronic for quite some time, this will be their first album ever released! With this song as a sample of the album-to-come, it is hard not be excited for it.

“Cyborg Love” begins with some interesting electronic designs, slowly building to create the ominous and mystic feel that this song gives off. It isn’t long into the song until a sad and personal voice is added to the mix, along with some quality drum tracks to back it up. Overall, the song is light and never too loud. It remains slow and detail-focused, telling a story that the creator’s clearly care a lot about. However, t does quickly form a nice beat and some quality synth backing to make it an excellent song to dance to, as well.  The song as a whole is robotic, but equally human-sounding at the same time. The instruments fuse together, all creating a mechanical feel to it, yet somehow each instrument contains a vast amount of emotion and depth that shines through while you’re listening.


Photo from Monotronic’s Site

It wasn’t until further research that I realized how intentional this unique and difficult ability was. “Cyborg Love” was inspired by the movie Her, a story of an animatronic A.I. that learns how to feel human emotions. Somehow these artists were able to reflect the cold and emotionless mind of a robot in their instruments while it is slowly learning and understanding how to feel, learning how to be a human.

 The intensity and the personal nature in this story’s delivery cause me think that the band had some deep insight into this topic and that Her just might not be their only inspiration for this emotional piece. The private and characteristic way the voice is delivered makes it clear that this story means something to Monotronic, and that something deeper than its plotline drew the band to this particular film.

And these insights only make me more excited for Monotronic’s upcoming album. The singles released prior to “Cyborg Love” blend electronic and dance music with influences of rock and dubstep in their interesting and expansive discography. All mixed together excellently with a strong New York style.

There is no way to know exactly what this album will entail. Some of their older songs, like “In Your Head” blend synths with funk, while the track “Ramsey’s Choco” leans more towards psych rock as its style. Monotronic’s soundcloud  is full of this large collection of genres. You will find some that are solely electronic, some just rock & roll, and a pile of jam sessions that are a live insight into how they work out their ever-changing sound. 

This being said, their soon to come album could be any of these styles, all of them or none of them at all, offering the world an entirely new collection of genres instead as the band continues to grow. Their self-titled album is to be released this year on September 27th. Be sure to listen to the single “Cyborg Love” below, as well as more of their work if you truly want to understand their expansive style.

LISTEN TO “Cyborg Love” HERE