Monotronic is "The Next Big Thing" in Electronic and Dance Music

Hailed as “The Best New Electronic Dance Band of New York This Year” by, the NYC based band Monotronic is happily here to stay.  Run of the mill bands beware as Monotronic is truly an unique sensory experience with solid grooves at its core. 

Meet Ramsey Elkholy, the brain child behind Monotronic. Elkholy is a musician/guitarist and anthropologist that has used his extensive travels throughout India and South East Asia to create the electronic and world music that is Monotronic. 
The band is made up of New York City based musicians that are encouraged to showcase their individual talents throughout the journey of every song. The genius of the band is that they all blend together seamlessly where the groove is always at the core of the listeners experience.

Monotronic can be described as "a concept, whereby each instrument can be heard as a continuation of the other and the music sounds as one distinct whole, emanating from a single source”.
Monotronic is currently promoting their debut album with songs such as: In Your Head, Cyborg Love, Your Eyes and established crowd pleasers like Arp City Jam and  Michelle Kwan (Load Up The Bong).

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